Understanding Why You Vomit or Feel Nauseous During a Migraine

Nausea is one of the most common symptoms of a migraine attack. Nausea and vomiting can occur earlier than, for the duration of, or after a migraine headache. Anti-nausea medicines and opportunity treatments can help.

Nausea is a commonplace symptom of migraine. It can occur earlier than, at some stage in, or after the onset of a migraine attack.

Although nausea is common, human beings enjoy migraine in another way. Nausea can arise at any factor, and it can or won’t lead to vomiting. Nausea can occur in humans with different varieties of migraine, together with migraine with an air of secrecy and without an air of mystery.

Many opportunity remedies and prescription medicinal drugs can help with migraine-related nausea.

Does migraine cause nausea?

Many human beings revel in nausea before or in the course of a migraine assault.

In a 2019 study concerning 6, half of people with migraine, approximately 56% mentioned experiencing nausea, light sensitivity, and sound sensitivity throughout migraine episodes. Around 28% stated nausea was their maximum bothersome migraine symptom.

The American Migraine Foundation says nausea may additionally arise throughout two ranges of an attack: prodrome and headache. Prodrome is a length earlier than a migraine headache which could last from some hours to a few days. The headache degree can close from 4 to 27 hours. Some people revel in charisma between the prodrome and headache tiers.

Some human beings may additionally enjoy nausea in all tiers of a migraine episode. A 2012 observation determined that 51% of 861 migraine attacks studied protected nausea as part of the air of secrecy segment.

Why does migraine purpose nausea?

Researchers don’t realize what causes migraine or nausea related to migraine.

One idea, outlined in a 2018 studies review, is that migraine triggers, consisting of pressure, prompt the vital apprehensive machine (CNS) pathways.

The CNS handles the body’s autonomic (involuntary) capabilities, consisting of coronary heart price and digestion. Nausea and vomiting imply a change in the autonomic gadget feature.

Some humans with migraine have gastroparesis, a circumstance wherein there is a postponement in emptying the stomach contents. Nausea and vomiting are common signs of gastroparesis.

Nausea and migraine types

You can get nausea with any form of migraine.

The International Classification of Headache Disorders (ICHD-3) consists of nausea as part of the diagnostic standards for migraine without aura. It does now not consist of nausea within the standards of migraine with an air of secrecy.

According to ICHD-three, a person needs to have nausea and vomiting or mild and sound sensitivity for the duration of a headache to acquire a migraine without aura analysis.

Nonetheless, many folks who experience an air of secrecy will have nausea all through some or all attacks.

How to discover relief from nausea in the course of a migraine

If you experience nausea in the course of a migraine assault, you could take steps to experience higher. You can get prescription medicines from your doctor or use opportunity or home treatment options.


Antiemetics are medications to deal with nausea and vomiting. A doctor might also prescribe an antiemetic and some other drug on the way to take in the course of a migraine attack.

The American Academy of Family Physicians lists five antiemetics that can be suitable as remedies for nausea associated with acute migraine:

  • chlorpromazine
  • droperidol
  • metoclopramide
  • prochlorperazine
  • promethazine

These medicinal drugs are to be had in exclusive formulations, like nasal spray, sublingual pill, or liquid, which could help you preserve them at some stage in episodes of nausea and vomiting.


Acupressure is a way concerning an expert making use of strain to specific factors on the frame. Unlike acupuncture, acupressure doesn’t use needles. Acupressure may additionally assist with nausea associated with migraine.


Ginger is a not-unusual treatment for nausea. There is also evidence it facilitates migraine-related nausea and may assist with other migraine symptoms.

A small 2020 assessment that included 3 research determined ginger helped human beings with migraine to lessen aches within 2 hours. Study groups that took ginger had less vomiting and nausea than the control agencies.


Aromatherapy is an alternative remedy that makes use of scents from plant extracts to enhance well-being. There is some evidence that peppermint essential oil can also assist with nausea.

A small 2020 a look at 80 people receiving chemotherapy for most cancers located in peppermint oil can also help lessen nausea and vomiting.

Thirty-six of the 80 human beings located a drop of peppermint oil on their top lips 3 instances an afternoon for five days in addition to taking antiemetic pills. They skilled much less common nausea and vomiting than people who took the antiemetics on their own.

Preventing nausea with migraine

You can be capable of preventing migraine-caused nausea by means of taking steps to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.

Lifestyle adjustments: These changes can include following the SEEDS mnemonic, getting high-quality sleep, eating balanced meals at normal durations, working out regularly, keeping a headache diary, and coping with strain, which all may additionally help prevent or reduce migraine assaults.
Avoiding triggers: After tracking your migraine attacks, you can get a better photo of your triggers. Avoiding them can help prevent or decrease migraine.
Medications: Preventive migraine remedies to be had with the aid of prescription include beta-blockers, antidepressants, antiseizure medications, calcium channel blockers, and calcitonin gene-associated peptide antagonists.
Alternative remedies: Practices like yoga, rest training, biofeedback, and cognitive behavioral therapy may additionally help lessen the range of assaults or prevent them.

If nausea occurs past due in your migraine attacks, you may need to try to take acute remedy medicines early in the assault so that you do now not vomit the medicine.

Frequently requested questions

Here are some FAQs and answers about nausea and migraine.

What occurs if I throw up my migraine medication?

If you throw up your migraine remedy, it can no longer work well. Ask your physician if it’s miles safe and allows you to take every other dose, as docs have one-of-a-kind reviews of approximately how quickly the frame absorbs medicine. You also can get your medicine in a way that is simpler to take, together with a wafer or nasal spray.

Can throwing up assist prevent a migraine attack?

Experts do not advocate making yourself throw up without medical supervision. Although a few instructional literature, like this 2017 review, referred to throwing up might also assist you sense better for the duration of a migraine episode, the assist for that is from older research published in 2013.

Do migraines make you dizzy and nauseous?

Nausea is a not unusual migraine symptom, however, migraine episodes can also from time to time purpose dizziness and vertigo. Vestibular migraine is a form of migraine that could cause frequent episodes of vertigo (the feeling that the arena around you is spinning).

Sensory changes are common in humans with migraine charisma or ocular migraine. Light and sound sensitivity, issue concentrating, and visible disturbances are all commonplace migraine symptoms.


Nausea is not unusual with migraine attacks. It can happen at any level of a migraine assault. Prescription antiemetics, ginger, peppermint oil, and acupressure might also assist with nausea for the duration of a migraine episode. Preventive treatment consists of lifestyle modifications, prescription medications, and fending off triggers.